Translating clinic to bench

The Jänne Lab has unique access to clinical specimens collected from patients’ biopsies. These samples are processed for:

  • Short-term culture and studies
  • Cell-line establishment
  • Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models for in vivo studies done in collaboration with the Belfer Institute.

Our goal is to combine in vitro assays designed to characterize the a patient’s disease on the cell line level with in vivo PDX models, called mouse avatars. PDX models retain the biological and clinical features of the a patient’s tumor with high fidelity. These models can be used to predict future drug responses, as well as characterize new oncogenic drivers and mechanisms of resistance.

Clinic to bench: Translating patient’s disease to treatment

Image showing translation of clinic to bench

The combination of these two complementary approaches offers functional insight into the a patient’s tumor profile and may provide a rationale for more effective therapies for the original patient, as well as many more patients carrying a similar genetic alteration. PDX models have also been invaluable in search of new and improved targeted therapies and therapeutic combinations.