Staff scientists

Photo of Chiara Ambrogio, PhD

Chiara Ambrogio, PhD, ( investigates the KRAS signaling pathway in both normal and pathophysiologic states, to aid in developing new therapeutic strategies. Using isogenic cell lines of mouse and human origin expressing different KRAS oncogenic mutations, she characterizes novel compounds for the direct inhibition of KRAS in lung cancer.

Photo of Atsuko Ogino, MD, PhD

Atsuko Ogino, MD, PhD, ( explores the relationship between tumor heterogeneity, pluripotency, and drug-resistance. Her ongoing studies, focusing primarily on small-cell lung cancer transformation and oncogenic NRAS, utilize patient-derived lung cancer cell lines and patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models.

Photo of Ciric To, PhD

Ciric To, PhD, ( pursues the development of non-conventional approaches to target EGFR, such as highly specific allosteric inhibitors and PROTACs in NSCLC models. Her goal is to simultaneously generate and/or identify important resistance-imparting mechanisms that emerge following treatment with allosteric inhibitors.