Research technicians

Photo of Ray Paranal, BA

Ray Paranal, BA, ( is involved in several compound screening efforts done in collaboration with the Nathanael Gray Lab, especially as they relate to the HER2 and EGFR mutant lung cancer. 

Mika Lin, BA, ( is involved in the processing of clinical specimens and establishment of patient-derived lung cancer cell lines. She also aids in the process of generating patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models.

Picture of Kevin Zhao, B.S.

Kevin Zhao, BS, ( is helping to investigate mechanisms in tumor proliferation and how they contribute to therapy resistance. He is also involved in studying the efficacy of combinatorial drug therapies with MAPK pathway inhibitors.

Photo Kshiti Dholakia, MS

Kshiti Dholakia, MS, ( is involved in establishment of Patient Derived Xenografts and preclinical validation of potential drug targets done in collaboration with the Belfer Center. She also aids in studying the KRAS Signaling Pathway in Lung Cancer.

Jeffrey Okoro, BA, ( aids in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of the KRAS signaling pathway in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Additionally, he assists in discovering better therapeutic approaches for KRAS mutant lung cancers.